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Privacy Policy

Privacy of Your Information

We do all we can to maintain the confidentiality of all the information that you supply to us and to work within the rules of the Health Information Privacy Code and Privacy Act.

We often use computerised Decision Support websites. This involves transferring some of your details and information to a secure website to be given help to optimise the advice and treatment we can provide for you. This data is stored securely by organisations who have strict codes of practice and work within ethical guidelines with due regard to the Privacy Code. This information may also be used for audit and research in an anonymised way. Any use of identifiable information is only used for the purposes for which we disclose it or by us contacting you for consent before it is used.

Your personal information may also be sent to organisations such as the WellSouth Primary Health Network, Health Benefits, and ACC in order to receive funding for your healthcare and to provide data to help the achievement of Ministry of Health targets. The Privacy Commissioner is aware of this use of personal information, accepts that it is necessary for good healthcare. This information is included on Amity Health Centre's enrolment form.
Please discuss this further with your doctor if you have any queries.

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