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Booking appointments during Coronavirus outbreak: ​If you are wanting to make an appointment and you have travelled to/from mainland China within the last 14 days, or have had contact with a person with confirmed Coronavirus, please phone Reception rather than booking your appointment via MMH.
For the latest information regarding Coronavirus, please go to https://www.southernhealth.nz/novel-coronavirus

If you are registered as a patient at Amity Health Centre, you can now book an appointment to see a doctor or the nurses. This goes through the Manage My Health website and you first need to register yourself for appointment booking. This is a simple process which takes place when you try to book an appointment. If you then also wish to make use of the patient portal Manage My health, it is very straightforward to do so when you come in for your appointment.

When you book an appointment it is very helpful for us to have some idea of the purpose of your appointment as that makes sure we can allocate the correct amount of time for the appointment or arrange for you to have blood tests done before you come in to see the doctor or nurse. It is also possible to book appointments for children if you wish.

To book an appointment please click here - please make sure you check the date and time for which you have book the appointment - the system defaults to the next available appointment for the chosen doctor and this may not be on the same day that you at booking:

Dr Murdoch Monday: Afternoon
Tuesday: All day (including lunchtime appointments)
Wednesday: Morning
Thursday: Afternoon
Friday: Morning and Afternoon
Dr Lawless Monday: Lunchtime and Afternoon
Wednesday: Morning
Thursday: Lunchtime and Afternoon
Friday: Morning and Afternoon
Dr Morrison Monday: Morning and Afternoon
Wednesday: Morning and Afternoon
Thursday: Morning and Afternoon
Friday: Morning
Dr Chin Monday: Morning
Tuesday: Morning and Afternoon
Wednesday: Afternoon
Thursday: Morning
Friday: Afternoon
Nurses Monday to Friday morning
Liquid nitrogen available on Wednesdays only.


Do you want to join 2000 other patients at Amity who use Manage My Health?

ManageMyHealth is a free online tool that saves time when you interact with us and gives you access to your medical information.
ManageMyHealth is a secure online “patient portal” that gives you access to handy features provided by your medical practice - think of it as internet banking for your health. It allows you to have quick and easy online access to your health information and GP services via your laptop, tablet or smartphone 24/7.

ManageMyHealth enables you to:

  • Book appointments online anywhere, anytime
  • Review your consultation records
  • Order repeat prescriptions for some medications
  • Check your lab results online
  • Access details including your medical history, vaccination records, and drug allergies any time of day anywhere in the world
  • Send a secure e-mail to your GP

How can I register?

You can register for ManageMyHealth now - all you need to do is ask our reception team. The registration process is quick and easy. You will need to provide a unique email address and proof of identity. We will send you instructions on how to complete your registration online and an activation code to enable you to do so. The registration form is below and you can complete this and e-mail it to or hand it in at reception.

Is my information secure?

ManageMyHealth is hosted by Medtech, the suppliers of our medical record software, in a secure environment in New Zealand. Similar to internet banking, ManageMyHealth uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to ensure your information is completely safe and secure. We also rely on you to keep your password a secret and to take all reasonable measures to protect your information.

ManageMyHealth Registration Form

If you would like to register to use ManageMyHealth or learn more about how the patient portal can make your life easier, please complete and sign the form below and reception will provide registration instructions.

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