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Covid-19 vaccine rollout to Dunedin's Group 3 population:

Older people and those with relevant underlying health conditions in Dunedin will start receiving text messages from the end of May, inviting them to make an appointment to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Covid-19 vaccinations will be given in the Southern DHB's clinic in the Meridian Mall (old H&J department store) NOT at Amity Health Centre. Please do not call us to make your appointment. Use the link in the text message to book your appointment. Call 0800 829 768 if you need help with your booking.

Patients fitting this criteria with a cell phone number recorded in our practice management system will be among the first group to be contacted. With around 100,000 people in Group 3 in the Southern district this will take some time, so people should not panic if they do not receive a text message straight away.

Do not worry if we do not have a cell phone number for you - other methods of contacting patients will be rolled out as the vaccination programme progresses.

Group 3 includes those aged 65 or over, those with a relevant underlying health condition, disabled people and pregnant people. Details of the relevant underlying health conditions can be found on the Ministry of Health’s website.

Level 1 arrangements at Amity Health Centre:

If you have sore throat, cough, cold or flu symptoms such as muscle aches, weakness, fatigue or fever, please phone to make an appointment. Do not use ManageMyHealth. 

Please inform us if you have been in contact with a person with confirmed or suspected COVID-19, or if you have travelled overseas within the last 14 days.

Phone/video consults are available. Normal charges will apply.

Repeat prescriptions can be requested by ManageMyHealth or by leaving a message on our repeat prescription answer-phone (choose option 2 when phoning in). All prescriptions can be emailed directly to the pharmacy of your choice for pick up.

For the latest information regarding COVID-19, please go to https://www.southernhealth.nz/novel-coronavirus

Please note: Flu vaccinations are now available for ALL patients at Amity Health Centre.

Providing high quality healthcare

Amity Health Centre provides high quality patient-centred health care in an environment where our patients feel comfortable and respected, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or cultural background.

We provide a comprehensive range of general practice services including family planning, child health, overseas travel advice, health assessments, health promotion, and care for ongoing medical conditions.

We Seek To: 

  • have an advocacy and educational role for our patients.
  • provide acute and chronic care when it is needed.
  • continually improve the quality of the care and service we provide.
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Our Services

The Amity team is committed to providing you with high quality healthcare. We offer a range of services and are always happy to refer you to other more suitable services if needed.

Alerts, News and Announcements

COVID-19 Vaccinations for Group 3

Covid-19 vaccinations will initially be given through the Southern DHB's vaccination clinic in the Meridian Mall.  Patients aged 65 years and over and those with certain health conditions, will be invited to make an appointment for a Covid-19 vaccination.

Flu vaccines available for ALL patients

Flu vaccines are now available for ALL patients. Please book online via ManageMyHealth into Flu Clinic 1 or 2, or into the Nurses' clinic.

Alternatively, call Reception on 03 464 0041 to make your appointment.

Welcome Dr James Bishop!

Welcome to Dr James Bishop who has joined the Amity Health Centre team. 

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